Repetition and mass:

These two words accompany my work.

Loss of identity

It's about repetition of faces, until the gesture becomes automatic, until no longer see the face as painting but as a mere object.


s repetition of forms quickly becomes synonymous with displeasure, and ironically the counting of faces object provides a certain satisfaction that finds its purpose. The goal is to reach a number that is part of a mass idea (of objects).


Make up forgetting what we do, until symptom memory. Machining, produce, count mechanically and automatically. This stifling, suffocating, conservative, deadly repetition follows the principle of the number of pleasure. The more objects there are, the most pleasant the sensation is. Piling, telling, watching the result of this action is reassuring repetition, but to a certain extent. Flirting with obsession without falling into it.

Conception et réalisation : Sébastien Feigna

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